Aromatik now available also in pods

From now on, Aromatik is available also in pods. The vending line is enriched with a new blend, the most refined one of the Moak selection. Fifty pods in a white cube, embellished with a thin strip of platinum foil, which distinguishes all aromatik line products. Even restaurants will be able to offer a new blend on their coffee list, recommended to those who want to allow themselves a sensory journey as last taste pervading the palate after a pleasant meal. The particular selection of coffees, among the most sought-after worldwide and undergoing single roasting process, is what makes it so special, preserving its organoleptic features. The high percentage of Arabica lends it a special aroma. Aromatik is a syrupy coffee, slightly acid and sweet at the same time, with a perfect balance of tastes. It is amber-coloured, featuring a balanced thickness with a delicate creaminess. Essences of vanilla and bitter cocoa as well as a pleasant scent of toasted bread prevail.

The blend in pods also is an ideal solution for those who choose aromatik at the bar and don’t want to give up the real Italian espresso even at home or in the office: fifteen seconds and few gestures make it. Coffee is a rite nobody wants to renounce, and this short but intense daily habit is more and more preserved. That’s why Moak dedicated the same attention to the vending line, producing around eight million pods of the various blends in a year, so that the pleasure to have an excellent espresso can accompany anybody, in any place and any time of the day.


Where to buy aromatik pod:

info *39 0932 904 755



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