Bowls club. Playful Ecoforme

Pad boxes and Paperballs turn into a playful boules court. Last January 16th, the installation “bowls club, playful ecoforme” was inaugurated in the presence of aspiring architects; designed by for[me]moak and included in the round of cultural meetings Pianeta Sicilia, promoted by the students of the school of architecture in Syracuse coordinated by professor Marco Navarra and the president of the University Bruno Messina. On the first floor of the Arethusean department overlooking the Manice Castle in Piazza Federico di Svevia, we set up a real bowls club, entirely created by using all elements of the ecoforme colours project. The ecoforme project is attention to design, sustainability, but also a way of being, the one of Moak. The “bowls club” installation reflects the role of each of us in the working world and becomes projection of our company philosophy in a playing field. If playing is having fun, having fun means becoming enthusiastic; showing enthusiasm for something can make you win. And like in any team play, everybody has his/her own role, which is different as for ethnic group, religion or way of thinking, but useful for the team; indeed, the paperballs of different colours represent the team. Target of the boules game is the small ball (represented by the anti-stress cup). And if the field seems to be the representation of a competition from a front view, change perspective: seen from the top, the game’s vivaciousness emerges, where one of the participants will arrive before his partner, but will anyway win in the name of the team. Born in 2012, the Ecoforme project was the result of the initiative “Together for a sustainable packaging”, in cooperation with the school of fine arts of Palermo.

The brief expected that students would think and create a box, which use would not be just limited to holding coffee, but that could have had a future reuse. Among the many presented projects, the one of Ornella Cillari, young girl from Palermo, was chosen to be created, and hence being part of the Moak products and inaugurating the Ecoforme line, careful to sustainability. In 2013, after the success of Paperball, Moak presents Ecoforme colours. Design meets colour: paperballs in four different pantone colours and each will be casually derivable from the punch of each 120-pad box. More colour, but also more functions: the box is also intended to become glove box or decorative element. The “bowl” installation can be used by the public until March 30th, 2014.


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