Coffee and health Coffee is good for hair

The old false belief stating that coffee has negative effects on our body has now waned. A research carried out by the University of Jena (Germany), published in the renowned magazine “International journal of dermatology” shows it once again, and explains how coffee facilitates hair growth. A further and efficient confirmation ratifying the positive connection between coffee and hair comes from Charitè University of Berlin as well as from the study by Peter and Seeber from Hamburg. According to this study, which was carried out on a sample of thirty-nine volunteers with severe hair loss, caffeine would penetrate into the air follicle in a quick and efficient way, and would reduce baldness in 79% of the cases. Doctor Paolo Gigli, surgeon specialising in dermatology and President of Sitri (Italian Trichology Association) gives us answers that are more detailed.

How does coffee reduce the risk of hair loss?

There are different studies on caffeine features seen as stimulant for hair growth in vitro. This presupposes that it can be used in the treatment against baldness. Moreover, it was proven that the scalp absorbs caffeine through hair follicles significantly, and this allows considering it an excellent alley against hair loss.

In general, what kind of effects has coffee on the scalp?

According to researches by some scientists, caffeine turn out to be a potential molecule to be used in the treatment of baldness. Indeed, coffee not only improves the aesthetic aspect of the scalp, if employed by means of lotions or compresses, but also helps the scalp effectively by making it stronger from the inside.

How much coffee would a person with propensity for baldness need to drink per day in order to reduce hair loss?

Currently, we cannot determine how much coffee, seen as a drink, a person with baldness problems may assume to obtain results against hair loss. You obviously need to consider also different factor affecting a patient’s health, such as for example possible cardiovascular or hypertension issues.

Are there supplements or cosmetic products made with caffeine that can improve the look of our hair?

On the market, there are different products in the form of lotions and shampoo made with caffeine, which can be used on a regular basis on hair. Such products not only try to solve baldness problems, but also have healthy effects on hair that tends to exhaust or mat. Coffee can also be used together with other natural ingredients as compress to strengthen and freshen the scalp.

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