Coffee and surroundings

A dish that can be used as starter or ap- petizer in cold version, or as soup in warm version. Aesthetically, we play with a cappuccino cup image that cheers up the start of a day and we’re going to use noble but forgotten ingredients, such as hemp. Perfect for its organoleptic features, it is an interesting ingredient to be used in cooking with preference for derivatives of vegetable origin. Tasty because it recalls cow’s milk, including herbal tones and a slightly bitter note.

Salty cappuccino with hemp seed milk

Ingredients for 4 people:

for the cappuccino:
250 g peeled hemp seeds
500 ml water
10 g soy lecithin
20 g toasted cocoa bread salt to taste
extra virgin olive oil to taste;

for the rye biscuits:

300 g soft wheat flour
75 g rye wheat
160 g cocoa butter
80 g cold coffee
6 g salt
8 g rosemary
8 g mayoram;

for the sunchoke chips:
400 g sunchokes


soak the hemp seeds in water and leave them to rest for 2 hours, then blend and filter them. Meanwhile, toast the crum- bled soft part of a cocoa roll. Prepare the biscuit dough by mixing the two flour types with salt, adding margarine and the cold coffee at the end. Leave to rest in fridge for about half hour, stretch the dough to a height of about ½ cm and cut it into preferred form. Bake at 180° C for 11 minutes. Leave to cool on an oven grid once ready. As for the chips, cut the sunchokes into slices of 2 mm, coat with flower, remove flour excess with the help of a colander and fry in hot oil.

Arrange the plate

Warm up the milk without bringing it to boil, add salt, and pour part of it into a cup; froth the remaining milk together with lecithin with the help of a siphon and pour it on top; sprinkle cocoa bread breadcrumbs on it. Decorate the plate with our coffee biscuits and our sunchoke leaves.

rubrica a cura di Roberta Tribastone