Coffee between design and landscape architecture. Moak at the Radicepura Garden Festival

Enhancing the culture of landscaping, giving sense to values, to benefits and to the importance of living outdoors: this is the driving force of the Radicepura Garden Festival, the first international event dedicated to garden design and landscape architecture in the Mediterranean, which Moak is partner of. The festival – promoted by The Radicepura Foundation – was inaugurated on April 21st in Giarre, in the province of Catania, and brings together young designers, institutions, companies and famous protagonists related to landscaping, art and architecture. The aim is to enhance nature as driving force for development through initiatives, events and cultural languages: from music to artistic installations, from botany to wine and food tours.

Until October 21st, visitors will be able to admire fourteen gardens in the botanical garden of Radicepura, which were specifically set up with the most original plants cultivated by Piante Faro. One of these gardens was dedicated to Moak by French landscaper Maia Agor: le “Jardin de Mantille”. “I love discovering any area that would evoke complex and sensory emotions” – she says. Compared to the ritual of coffee seen as intimate and sensory experience, the art installation was created to lead visitors through an enchanted universe. “A thorny mesh on the outside protects an intimate garden, in which plants hide, ripple and secure the source of life”.

The agenda also included events dedicated to children, where Moak offered its original latte junior art format (the art of decorating cappuccino). In the wonderful natural scenery between Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, young visitors lead by the Moak trainers learned a different way of bringing out their creativeness and rediscovered playing outdoors and the value of sharing.

“We are pleased about the partnership with Radicepura – explains Caffè Moak’s Marketing Director Annalisa Spadola – an innovative Sicilian company that promotes art and culture beyond the regional borders, such as Moak does. The Radicepura Garden Festival is an ambitious and across-the-board project that embraces different art forms, including music, artistic installations and food and wine tours. Coffee is extracted from a plant, which is its source of life that captivates the senses with its scents and ornamental beauty, but also fascinates for the many pretexts it brings forth: ritual, culture, and conviviality”.

“We are happy – says Mario Faro, director and inventor of the festival – that we started a fruitful cooperation with a dynamic company, which acts as real ambassador of Made in Sicily all over the world and shares the same roots of our region, but at the same time goes beyond the borders.”