Coffee to read

Coffee seen as basic necessity that cannot be missed in the pantry and in provisions. A diary-book telling about Italy through the eyes of a grandmother, who in spite of everything still hopes in changes.

Sale, zucchero e caffè  (Salt, sugar and coffee)

by Bruno Vespa

Grandma Aida inspired Bruno Vespa’s last book. A grandmother that stocked up on provisions of salt, sugar and coffee in secret to avoid being surprised by unpredictable emergencies, like war. In memory of this extraordinary woman, Vespa tells the history of Italy from the ruins of war to recent imposed upsurges, from politics to Berlusconi’s sentence, in his very personal vision of spectator first and professional testimony since he was very young of seventy years of national life. Sacrifice of Italy on its knees, his father’s premature death, the economic rebirth and miracle experienced in the province’s microcosm, the decisive role of a school where the authority of knowledge ensured teachers a central position in society. His sacrificed early years for a too premature journalism, mistrust towards Rome and then the abandonment of its irresistible fascination. An open-heart diary to better know the conflicting feelings of what – in spite of everything – keeps being a great country, with right for hope.

The author

Bruno Vespa decided to tell a piece of our countries history choosing an autobiographic key. From night intrusions in grandmother Aida’s dearly beloved big bed, where to take shelter from nightmares; to his childhood in L’Aquila, in reconstructing Italy, moving up through the ranks of journalism in the local newsroom “Tempo”, to the national contest for broadcasters on the radio and on television in 1968, where he ranked first and was then assigned to the newscast, in order to become observer of Italian events – not only political ones – up to the most stringent current events. A personal story made up of many encounters (with powerful people but also with common people), of strong feelings and epochal experiences, which is also the reconstruction of a great part of history and customs of our Country.