Historical places, Grand Hotel Timeo

In Taormina, in an oasis of natural beauty surrounded by the crystal-clear and blue Ionian Sea, a building of hundred-year old importance rises, the Grand Hotel Timeo. In the post-war period, this amazing destination of the Sicilian Island was reduced to a simple and empty seaside resort unable to welcome visitors properly, who used to stay there even in the wintertime. It was thanks to Francesco la Floresta – belonging to the namesake noble family from Taormina – that the town managed to be part again of the most visited tourist destinations. In 1850, La Floresta – already manager of the “Fondaco” along the main road – decided to invest his energies and passion for this paradisiac corner in the construction of the first Hotel in Taormina. It was baptized with the name of Grand Hotel Timeo to pay homage to two eminent personalities that contributed to the history of the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”, i.e. Timaeus, famous historian born in Taormina in 356 B.C. and his father Andromachus, founder of the town in 358 B.C.

Nowadays, the Timeo is a cultural and artistic heritage that allows those who  visit this place to enjoy enchanting feelings. To make this location even more appealing is the landscape offered by the large panoramic terrace boasting views over the majestic Greek Theatre, besides the Ionian coast. Hence not simply a hotel, but a modus vivendi. In fact, Hotel Timeo represents an excellent sensory path. The large space dedicated to psychophysical wellness is an essential moment of guests’ stays; nothing is comparable to that locus amoenus of the antique garden for those who love allowing themselves moments of silence. This place inspired very many writers and well-known people who stepped on this small remnant of the world. Among all of them, it is dutiful to remember the English writer Lawrence, who got the inspiration to compose his novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” along these windows overlooking the sea. Even the filmmaking world becomes part of such spectacle made of lights and colours, including Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Burt Lancaster, who used to sleep on the pillows of the Timeo more than once, managing to steal glimpses of incomparable sunsets over the sea.

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