Moak at the Microcosmi Festival

Moak partner of Microcosmi. Seventy-two hours of music, taste, art and culture as protagonist of the third edition of the festival held last June in Comerio, small gem in the area of Varese. The event organized by Vittorio Cosmo – musician and music-industry executive – managed to attract about seven thousand people like a magnet coming from all over the world. Common purpose, where Moak identified itself, always is to ratify the strong connection between music, food and different art forms. A magical atmosphere and good intentions have livened up the three evenings, which turned unique thanks to the participation of different names of the music panorama, such as Pacifico, Enrico Ruggeri and Renato Pozzetto. In the wonderful natural landscape of the park belonging to Villa Tatti Talacchini, Moak could not but be present with the new “mymusic coffee” project, the serving line promoting young bands. Six ways of interpreting coffee and music through blend tasting, which allowed more than 1500 visitors of the Moak corner to “listen to” a good coffee. And while true that culture is within everyone’s means, the three-day schedule gave the chance even to the youngest ones to express their creativeness. Moak arranged a Latte Art Junior lab, the art of cappuccino decoration, for them. The many children welcomed the course with enthusiasm and brought out their creativity by means of brushes and colours, giving vent to imagination on numerous milk clouds. “Attending Microcosmi” – explains Annalisa Spadola, Caffè Moak Marketing Director – has been a further pleasant opportunity to spread art and culture through coffee, and we could not but take the chance to introduce the new mymusic coffee bands selected by Paola Maugeri in an event where coffee is protagonist”.

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