Moak Percorsi Espressi to get to know the “invisible culture” of a company

Not only monuments, buildings and memorial sites, but also companies, small and big ones, founded by men and women who work in their area with a strong and sound awareness, turning their job into a mission. Moak Percorsi Espressi, the project of company itineraries created by “Culture Invisibili” for Moak was set up with this premise. Guided tours lead by Valeria Lentini and Nadia Tuè are conceived according to the principle of gradualism taking into consideration the learning ability of different age groups, and turn the various itineraries in search of the fascinating coffee world into an exciting experience. The project “Culture invisibili” – they explain – is the result of twenty years of experience in the tourist and education sector as well as the management of cultural events, and was created for companies working locally, which are sensitive to the general public, adult and not only, with a will to discover and experience the hidden but pulsating culture in each aspect of their production activity. For Moak, we created a project aimed mainly at enhancing the cultural, symbolic and identity value takes as example of structures that are open towards new cultural horizons. Itineraries are tailored to age groups and level of education, but share a common thread, even if they are slightly different: tell and spread stories that many people do not know and cannot even imagine, but which really exist, as ‘invisible culture’ is not always revealed but causes a strong emotional involvement”.  

Moak’s aim is to open the doors to the general public, welcome visitors, students, interns and tourists into the heart of the company, so that besides discovering the baroque and culinary treasures of the Val di Noto, they also experience live how a green bean becomes a drink. Not only: Moak’s production activity intertwines every day with its human dimension, which has been able to give coffee also a cultural value, by promoting different art forms. As for instance in the itinerary “Moak Coffee Telling”, where you can stop for a pleasant “coffee break” in front of a video or a “corto moak” short-film after visiting the production area. Being inspired by Caffè Letterario, you will try to rediscover the pleasure to narrate and arouse feelings by listening to a story about coffee, creating what Virginia Woolf used to define “A room of one’s own”.  

In order to avoid that visitors only act as spectators, the itinerary “for[me]mix” was created: starting from the heart of production, after a short excursus into the company history, visitors will watch the processing methods of coffee closely by assisting at the various stages of the production cycle in person. At the end of the tour they reach the for[research] room, where each visitor will be able to create his or her own original blend, name it and take it home.

For those who would like to arouse each of the five senses, there is the “Tasting Experience”, an extended itinerary where participants will find out what kind of aromatic features are hidden behind the drink. A game, but also a tasting itinerary that will incite everyone’s palate and teach participants how to taste and appreciate the refined Moak blends.

In the itineraries dedicated to children, the coffee bean turns into an animated character. The “journey of Chicco”, a small coffee seed, starts in the tropics and reaches us to tell the young Moak visitors how the most known and beloved drink of the world is created. Chicco will accompany its young friends into the production area to explain the complex production processes of coffee in simple worlds.

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