Moak relies on two new managers and opens branches abroad

One of the family treasures of a successful business is its intellectual heritage. Moak’s aim was to enrich its human chest by relying on new managers and professional figures. In 2016, the holding started a reorganisation process and bet on the quality of people, selecting not only new persons to join the company, but also promoting and awarding those talents that were able to show professional skills, enthusiasm and commonality with the Moak projects.

First appointed was Marco Caudini. In conjunction with the inauguration of the new branch – after New York and Malta – of Caffè Moak GmbH in Germany, CEO of the holding Alessandro Spadola chose Caudini to assume the office of Managing Director of the above mentioned filial, offering him also the position of Export Sales Director, given that he boasts more than twenty-five years of experience in the food and beverage business sector. The new manager explains: “The culture of Italian espresso abroad is growing, but you also need to take into consideration the habits and trends of the place you are in. Thanks to our distinguishing range of products including more than 12 premium quality blends, a speciality coffee line and a wide selection of local traditional coffees, such as Filtro and Caffè Crema, we believe that we can set ourselves apart from competitors and meet the needs of different consumer groups.”

Changing of the guard also for the Italian senior management. Last November, Moak placed Giuseppe Monciino in command: highly experienced manager boasting 17 years of experience as regional Sales Director for a historical Sicilian roasting company. He joined Moak in 2010 covering the role of Sales Director for Sicily. Within few years, he reinforced the sales network of the region and increased the sales volume. Given the results, Monciino also took on the direction of Northern Italy and Sardinia, gaining his actual role as Chief Sales Officer. “I would like to thank the General Management – Monciino states – and the Spadola family for the opportunity they gave me with the management of the region of Sicily featuring a commercially complex and diversified market. Thanks to a good sales network and the deep knowledge of the region, we have been strengthening our presence in the last years. With this new mandate, our targets are to consolidate the existing turnover, potentiate the partnership between parent company and distribution net, and win new market shares, in order for Moak to reach end consumers in a more direct way”.

New appointments also in the Italian and Export Area Management: Marcello Vitellone and Francesco Neri, two well-known names in the sector, being both AST trainers and members of SCAE Italia. Marcello Vitellone, world champion of the Bacardi Martini Gran Prix 2000, has been SCAE Italia trainer for sixteen years, and has the role of national manager of SCAE Italia members. Working in team with Giuseppe Monciino, Vitellone will manage the business area covering central and southern Italy, besides cooperating with Marco Poidomani, our Ast trainer (Authorized Scae trainer) on expanding the Moak People Training school project.

On the other hand, Moak chose Francesco Neri, former Area Manager for central and southern Italy as well as Training manager in the horeca sector, besides covering his role as AST trainer and member of SCAE Italia, to potentiate the brand on an international scale. He will work together with Marco Caudini, in team with Export Area Manager Manuela Nicolosi, on the expansion programmes for the international markets.

“The year 2016 – Alessandro Spadola says – was full of changes, in perfect line with the company guidelines: innovate ourselves to become more and more competitive. Markets change rapidly and you have to be ahead of time if you want to succeed. New professionals joined us and we promoted those who contributed in Moak’s achievements. An internal and external scouting work based on basic principles: expertise, experience and professionalism, but also passion, charisma and intuition – qualities that cannot always be learnt by sitting behind a school desk. My wish for the new team is that we can celebrate Moaks’ 50th anniversary with new achievements”.