Mymusic coffee: Moak reaches “homes” with the new capsule and pad line

It is called “mymusic coffee”, the new capsule and pad product line Moak launches for the serving market. With the new project, the company turns its attention – besides the bar sector – to the single-dose product world, offering a new range of products that expresses the values, from blends to packaging, which have always been supported by Moak: quality, research and passion for culture. Six blends are available in three different formats – capsule, fap and pad – able to satisfy the different tastes of lovers of the Gift of David, from north to south. As already referred to in the headline and packaging, Mymusic coffee once again ratifies the bond between coffee and culture. With this serving line, Moak, mécène company that has been promoting young writers, filmmakers and photographers for years, is now bringing the art form to the stage, which connects us to memories, people and places, just like coffee: music.

According to the research of Charles Spence from Oxford University, sounds enhance and change flavours of food and beverages: the acute ones amplify the sweet and sour, the lower ones the bitter flavours. To the same extent, a coffee blend can recall a music genre thanks to its aromatic and sensory features. Therefore, to encourage the project Moak created a modular packaging where each blend is represented by the music genre that is closest to its aroma, recognizable by a pantone colour. While each of the six blends in the three different formats is characterized by the iconographic language of the group of musical instruments: wind instruments for capsules, string instruments for pads and percussion instruments for the fap format.

Moreover, in order to optimize product presentation and make it easier for consumers to select the six blends in the three different formats, for[me]moak designed a modular furniture system made of mdf – eco-friendly material obtained from wood scraps – and inspired by bookcases of the Fifties by Franco Albini for Cassina. The lines and the sectional feature of the elements – which allow to set shelves and boxes at different heights – turns the structure into a real design piece of furniture for the home sector. The for[me]moak bookshelves can be also bought online ( Attention to sustainability has also been directed to the use of packaging materials made with FSC®certified paper, the brand that distinguishes products including wood coming from forests managed in a proper and responsible way according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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Moak and Feltrinelli

Moak chose a special partner to launch mymusic coffee on the market: the LaFeltrinelli group. Connection of the two brands is not only the historical and thousand-year old bond between coffee and literature. There is far more: Italianity, two companies that still enhance the importance of a family-run business, common passion for culture and Bob Noorda, same father of the two brands. A partnership that meets the new market trends and consumers’ habits, who can be nowadays caught by different impulses in a single space and single time. Twenty bookstores of the Feltrinelli Group, from Milan to Naples, where Moak corners are present. The mymusic coffee blends can be bought also online on store., besides in the Feltrinelli retail stores. “Our purpose – explains Alessandro Spadola, General Manager of the Moak Group – is to continuously draw up new business and cultural synergies by choosing partners that share our philosophy, aiming for quality and innovation”.


The mymusic project

To promote and spread the music projects of bands and young artists, Moak entrusted scouting to someone that knows about music: Paola Maugeri, historical face of MTV and speaker of Virgin Radio, who selected an emerging group of the Italian artistic panorama for each music genre. Each box includes a dynamic “my selection” QR-Code pointing at a pre-homepage where Paola Maugeri presents the chosen music group related to the product type. From here, you access automatically to the section of the chosen blend, launching a player that reproduces the whole song of the chosen band. Mymusic is a multisensory trip, where coffee break also becomes “listening break”.

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