New blends and new look – Moak revolutionizes the horeca lines.

In the year of its 50th anniversary, Moak reaffirms its lively and continuously evolving character, deciding to restyle and add new blends to the horeca product range. In line with the new organizational set-up and the opening of new branches abroad, the company widens its horizons by increasing not only the blend range, but also by launching a new visual campaign in support of the ambitious brand repositioning approach on the various international markets.


Moak’s top blend Aromatik keeps being queen of the company. It is faithful to its name and simple style, but the new visual of the advertising line becomes more institutional and elegant by opting for neutral “pinstriped” colours – black and white – which communicate the new lifestyle of the Aromatik universe through an iconographical language.


The Decaffeinated line does not change: the cup with green handle is the permanent feature of the blend, which communicates the products’ lightness distinguished by low caffeine content with immediacy.


On the other hand, the horeca Deluxe and Superior lines are combined under one name – Essential. The new range will include the following blends: Stella, Brasilea, Soave, Andalusia, Servito and Coffee Break. The 1kg coffee bean packages remain unchanged, while the new visual campaign “music” will feature an explosion of energy and colours, ranging from the materials of the advertising products to the iconographical language, which interprets the tools and characters linked to the six music genres in a bright and cheerful way, as known already for the “my music coffee” serving line.


Colonial is new entry within the product range. It includes Dolce Vita and Special Bar, the two refined blends of the former Deluxe line. The new 1kg packages feature also two new blends (Dreamland and Passenger) – filter coffee consisting of refined Arabica varieties that were roasted to obtain a perfect American coffee. Even the Bio Fair and Bio Fair Plus blends will be part of the Colonial line and are offered exceptionally in 500g packages. These two blends boast organic and Fairtrade certifications. The Colonial line targets above all places that combine tradition, sustainability and innovation. It will feature new a packaging made of kraft paper and an advertising product line combining contemporary nature and craftsmanship. Pictures will tell the story of coffee-producing countries, while the indication “1967” proudly highlights the company’s year of foundation