put your face

In all its advertising campaigns, Moak wanted to describe the world or describe itself, sometimes with irony, other times with poetry, turning pictures or sentences into expression of thoughts or histories of peoples. The “moak generaction” campaign brings down any distance between people, between their otherness, and does it through ironic figures of characters where everybody can even recognize him/herself, a friend or a role in society. Just like those who a part of the virtual world, without any physical distances, racial differences. Starting from the graphic concept of the moak generaction campaign, for[me]moak launches the initiative “put your face moak”! A two-meter high panel that is installed in the city or in countries with a high rate of tourists where Moak is present. It’s the moak generaction picture, where two of the illustrated characters reflecting habits and traditions of a Region or a Country have a punched face and are highlighted with a colour. Clients and tourists will be attracted because they will have the immediate chance to put their face in the punched parts and be photographed by taking the place of the illustrated characters.

Moreover, users can take part in the “putyourface” contest, publishing their pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #putyourfacemoak. All pictures will be visible on the official website www.putyourfacemoak.com. The last picture in chronological order will be put on the homepage, while the most voted of the month on Instagram will be awarded with a price raffled by Caffè Moak. Pastime, amusement, but also a way to promote the brand and spread the message belonging to the Moak philosophy: we are all part of a chain, a DNA, where everybody is protagonist, where racial, political or religious barriers are brought down. Everybody can be part of a new generation, putting his/her face on it.

Recommended song for the reading of the present article: God put a smile upon your face – Mark Ronson