The Big Fairtrade Challenge in coffee shops with Caffè Moak

Forty thousand participants in 122 public and private events, from Merano to Catania: this is the result of the Big Fairtrade Challenge 2017, the campaign promoted by the global organization that intends to guarantee producers of the developing countries better living conditions thanks to fair trade. In Italy, the Fairtrade Challenge 2017 held on 12-14 May, involved about one hundred shops serving Fairtrade, with the aim to promote and pass on the awareness to customers that they can make a difference with their consumption habits. 17 of them served Moak Bio Fair coffee: Bar Camparino (Pescara), Emporio Caffè (Spoltore-PE), Bar Bamboo (Potenza), Colonial Cafè (Milan), Bar Tabarè (Modica), Caffetteria Carmenini (Ciampino-Rome), Enoteca Trattoria Assunta (Latina-Rome), Caffè on the rock’s (Terracina-LT), Ad Maiora-130 Small (Olbia-OT), Madrugada (Porto Rotondo), Antica Caffetteria Farris (Budoni-SS), I Grani (Nuoro), Paccamora Bio Bar (Enna), Grand Moritz (Catania), Bike Caffè Movimento Centrale (Siracusa), Caffè Civico 41 (Sora-FR), Arian Caffè (Putignano-BA). From Pescara to Potenza and from Catania to Nuoro, thanks to the collaboration of Caffè Moak, many people drank a fair trade coffee and felt part of a global movement.

It was about to sensitise one’ s customers to choose Fairtrade for breakfast or for their coffee break at home or at the bar, in the office with one’s colleagues or at university. The event lasted three days and was held in conjunction with the World Fairtrade Challenge celebrated on May 13th all over the globe. Indeed, the World Fairtrade Challenge involved also consumers of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia, Korea, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and United States, with the aim to organise the world’s biggest Fairtrade event ever.

Each coffee shop used this occasion to promote collateral campaigns related to sustainability. One of these was “Separating is life”: those who would come with bottle caps or paper to be recycled were offered a free fair trade coffee. Some brave people launched “the challenge of challenges”: get a tattoo with the Fairtrade logo and go home with prize money.