The style of furnishing. A prêt-à-porter place

Whether it is a café, a restaurant or a hotel, by now design has the power to condition consumers’ behaviour and choices. Besides being nice and functional, spaces have to tell something. Something unique that gives a strong sense of identity. That’s the mission of DAAA Haus, a team of young designers and architects that plan spaces bound to the hospitality and restaurant industry, giving life to a new way of interpreting and living a public place: pret-à-porter.

Founded in 2009, today DAAA Haus is leading in Malta and Sicily. Just recently, an art and design gallery “DAAA Gallery” opened in the Island of Knights, and will soon have a branch even in Italy. Thanks to the wide net of contacts with other designers and architects worldwide who share their same passion for innovative design, the team is involved also abroad with important projects connected to the hospitality sector. From furniture to the logo, to the selection of menus, the young creative talents combine culture, art and social aspects that influence the consumer’s life style. A wide-ranging organization going beyond aesthetics and turning into an experience that is bigger than space itself.

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