After the world championship in Budapest, winner Marco Poidomani is ready for new challenges

Few months after the World Coffee in Good Spirits final (international competition of drinks made with coffee promoted by SCA – Speciality Coffee Association) held in Budapest, Italian champion Marco Poidomani is preparing for his next challenge and shares the thinking of Napoleon Hill, US essayist of the 19th century: “You don’t have to fear defeat if you believe it may reveal powers that you didn’t know you possessed… ambition is the path to success”.

Your maxim is “never give up”. Where does this awareness come from?

First and foremost, from my experience, but also from my determined and ambitious (and also hardheaded) character. For years, I’ve been chasing the dream to win the championship, facing challenges and making sacrifices, often even biting the bullet. I have never given up and never deluded myself. In the end, last January I succeeded by winning the Italian championship of Coffee in Good Spirits.

You represented Italy during the world championship in Budapest last June. What did this experience give you?

Taking part in the world finals was exciting and formative, both from a professional and human point of view. On one hand, you feel the weight of responsibility to represent your category at best and you don’t want to disappoint those who support you. On the other hand, you draw strength and learn from the comparison with the other competitors. All of them are national champions coming from all over the world, and you learn controlling your emotions, as the competition is a severe test.

One of your mottos also is “daring is the real challenge”. Is that what you do when you create a drink?

The continuous research and study in this ever-changing sector allowed me to experiment and reach important results in my career. Those who dare risk to be not understood, but also get satisfaction for putting themselves on the line.

In Budapest, you presented some drinks inspired by your region. Where does the idea come from?

I brought a piece of Sicily with me during the competition. Actually, three basic elements of my region: sun, sea and volcano. You can find the same elements in the places where the single origins are cultivated, which I chose for my drinks. The sun dries Black Lion coffee of Yirgacheffe, in Ethiopia; the sea as source of live, like the water used for semi-washed Ghesha coffee from Costa Rica. And then, the volcano: in Sicily, its presence dominates and influences the people’s character, while as for the places where coffee plants grow, it turns the plants even more luxuriant.

Who would you like to thank?

First of all, I would like to thank my children Giorgio and Ilaria, and my wife Valeria, who support me every day. I often take time away from them, with huge sacrifice. I also would like to thank my coach Andrea Lattuada, the Moak group and the Moak People Training Team.

Your next challenge?

The day after the final in Budapest, I was already back in the training room to train and test new drinks. My daily challenge is – as a trainer – never stop learning and, at the same time, be able to teach.