Aphrodite Award 2017: Annalisa Spadola rewards actress Chiara Francini.

Caffè Moak is partner of the 15th edition of the Aphrodite Award, one of the most prestigious Italian awards created by Associazione Donne nell’Audiovisivo (Women’s Audiovisual Association), which promotes women excellences in the cinema, fiction, show business, journalism and sports sector. The price-giving evening hosted by writer Laura Delli Colli and by Stefano Meloccaro, sport journalist collaborating with Fiorello in EdicolaFiore, was held on June 21st in the film studios in Rome. fifteen women were chosen by a female panel of judges and awarded for the year 2017.

Among those Chiara Francini, who has debuted as a writer with her book “Non parlare con la bocca piena” (Don’t talk with your mouth full) – Rizzoli. Annalisa Spadola, Marketing Director of Caffè Moak, conferred the prize upon her. During her speech, Annalisa sent out a message about sexism and exploitation of female bodies in the advertising world. “Compared to other European countries, – she explained – Italy is still far away from defining clear boundaries to ensure the use of female figures in the advertising field that are able to guarantee dignity and equality. We sadly keep on being spectators of stereotypes, which see the role of women in an archaic way, and of a commercialization of their bodies used as an excuse”.

Many women of the show business were on the pink carpet; they not only contributed with their own work, creativeness and image to promote female professionalism, but also underlined the sensitivity for all those topics related to women. Here the names of the awarded women:

Valentina Bellè, debuting actress of the year for “Il Permesso, 24 ore fuori” by Claudio Amendola, Anna Foglietta, leading actress of the new comedy “Che vuoi che sia” by Edoardo Leo. Carla Signoris received the award for best supporting actress in the category of cinema, in “Lasciati andare” by Francesco Amato.

The other awarded actresses: Alessandra Mastronardi, for her international talent, Stefania Rocca, Francesca Cavallin and Demetra Bellina for the female cast of the year, Cinzia Th Torrini, Cecilia Zanuso, Madalina Ghenea. As for the category of journalism and tv Franca Leosini and Lorella Cuccarini (celebrity of the year). For the category of sport, athlete Alessandra Sensini, and lastly an award to the TV 2000 series “Kemioamiche”, for the quality of social commitment present in the fiction.