My Music Cocktail, the music drinks

Imagine you could go back in time to the late 19th century or – for those less nostalgic – to the 1920s. Music would accompany you in this backwards time travel: from jazz played in the clubs of New Orleans while drinking Vieux Carrè, to swing during Prohibition, while at London’s Ciro Club bartender Harry MacElhone is creating his White Lady cocktail for a mysterious woman.

MPT (Moak People Training) bartender trainers Giovanni Peligra, Antonio Fiamingo and Davide De Leo powered up their time machine and brought six cocktail recipes back on their return journey, six historical moments and six music genres. The result: an innovative menu of six My Music Cocktail twists. “Starting point for the project My Music Coffee – explains Giovanni Peligra –has been a study by psychologist Charles Spence, which shows that sounds enhance and change flavours of food and beverages. We made a research starting from the historical period of highest expression related to each music genre of the serving line, and recalled the cocktails that were trendy at that times, using them to create six twists of the original recipes. We re-elaborated them by including selected and top-quality ingredients, such as the Bonajuto chocolate of Modica in the “Rock Spider” cocktail or Sicilian organic orange juice in the “Bio Wallbanger”, which are able to enhance the sensory notes of each blend connected to the six music genres: jazz, classic, funk, soul, swing and rock. As for the ritual of coffee, music becomes a social multisensory interaction tool also during aperitif time.

Moak wanted to launch this new “happy hour” format on the occasion of the new My Music Coffee 2017 advert campaign, in order to turn aperitif time into an original experience. The bar universe is changing. – finishes Peligra – Coffee shops that stand out are those offering innovation, and managing to tell a nice and captivating story. With the project My Music Cocktail, we want to give an added value: not only culture of drinking, but culture expressed through art forms, such as music”.

My Music Cocktail
genre: Jazz
age: fine ‘800
cocktail: Vieux Carrè
twist My Music: Caffè Vecchio
My Music Coffee blend: Aromatik Jazz
bartender: Davide De Leo

genre: Classic
age: early ‘800
cocktail: non-alcoholic
twist My Music: Red Energy
blend: Deca Classic
bartender: Antonio Fiamingo

genre: Funk
age: 1950s
cocktail: Marvey Wallbanger
twist My Music: Bio Wallbanger
My Music Coffee blend: Bio Fair Funk
bartender: Antonio Fiamingo

genre: Soul
age: 1960s
cocktail: Paradise
twist My Music: Spyce Paradise
My Music Coffee blend: Soul Coffee
bartender: Giovanni Peligra

genre: Swing
age: 1920s
cocktail: White Lady
twist My Music: Black Lady
My Music Coffee blend: Swing Coffee
bartender: Davide De Leo

genre: Rock
age: 1950s-1960s
cocktail: White Spider
twist My Music: Rock Spider
My Music Coffee blend: Rock Coffee
bartender: Giovanni Peligra