Betty Senatore, the voice of Radio Capital

It is impossible not to get on well with her, as you understand what she’s made of right from the first handshake and her smile. Betty Senatore is the voice of “Ladies & Capital”, the radio show hosted together with Silvia Mobili on Radio Capital. Born in Tuscany, but living in Rome, where her beloved Pedro, a “Red Carpet” star (the cinema show she hosts during the weekends), famous for the fact that its mistress put it on Instagram with the profile @pedroilfelino, waits for her. After having spent a day together, we numbered her (unbeknown to her) among the moakpeople characters, because she is nice, dynamic, passionate, but above all because she likes coffee!

Let’s start with the ritual question: where does your passion for the radio come from?

I started doing radio because I liked it. Radio features ruthless frankness and you do it because you love it. A careful listener realises if the person in front of the microphone is being honest or just pretends. I started in a small local radio in Grosseto, my hometown; then I took some auditions (for the series: gli esami non finiscono mai!) and worked in bigger radio stations, until I arrived at Radio 2 in the year 2000, where I stayed for five years in the radio show “Il Cammello”. I am at Radio Capital since 2005.

Your job allows you to meet many artists, especially with reference to the music scene. Which interview is truly memorable?

Definitely the one with Elton John. I had to join him in his beautiful house full of art works in the hills of Beverly Hills for the interview. It was a magic and exciting meeting. A piece of pop history, a kind and down to earth person who repeatedly said that the source of his joy would be his partner and the family they started. We even hugged each other in a joyful moment at the end. Spending an evening with him would be real fun!

Radio is not your sole passion. How much interest in cinema and theatre?

Theatre and cinema are essential. Sources of inspiration, but also of leisure and reflexion. When I am stressed out, I choose a nice film and go see it on my own. I come out of the hall with a different point of view regarding the issues I had before. Sometimes I do not even care about them, so pointless they were. As for the theatre, I try to experience it also from the other side, as actress, when I have the chance to do so.

You undoubtedly are an expert in communication. What do you think about the digital revolution, and did it affect the way of doing radio, and the role of radio speaker?

Digital revolution is a good innovation and a strong push even for the radio. In my opinion, the combination with social media is not bad and actually provides inputs to have information that is more complete. I would have never imagined, for example, that I could say to my audience “take a picture and send it to us. You will see it in real time on Facebook and Twitter”. We would have used just words, while now we can integrate news also with images. This cannot but be a more complete service for those who listen to the radio.

In one of your interviews, you said that you chose not to have children. Are you still of the same opinion?

Yes, I said it and I do not deny it. I have never felt like having a child or the enthusiasm towards new-borns. I often do not know how to interact with them and treat them like adults. However, it is also true that I never had a man next to me that would make me think of becoming a mother. The decision is easier if you are on your own.

And now let’s talk about Pedro…

Pedro is my daily drug, the source of pure and unbiased love. All animals offer complete and unconditional love. Experiencing it is wonderful. I always distrust people that don’t like animals. I think they hide something.

Finally, a must-ask question for us: what is your favourite music genre and with what kind of coffee (long, short, aromatic or strong) would you listen to it?

I love everything related to Soul, R&B and Funk. Given that it’s Christmas, I would listen to a cd of Mahalia Jackson, the gospel queen, and drink a Brazilian coffee with cream and chocolate. A strong coffee for a powerful voice.