Legami, the new dish collection designed by for[me]moak with Andrea Branciforti

Moak gives a preview of “Legami”, the dish collection designed and created by for[me]moak with Andrea Branciforti, industrial designer, who runs Improntabarre, a studio and laboratory where he designs and produces top quality handmade items together with his wife Rosemary in the wonderful frame of Caltagirone. As every project, there is a story behind Legami, made of encounters and indissoluble bonds with people and places. The story of the new for[me]moak project makes a step back in time, reviving some holders, which were traditionally used in farming in our region, and turning them into items with innovative design and versatile use. The wheat container used to calculate the amount of product to be packed becomes something else: a stackable plate or centrepiece, which form and size recalls those used in ancient times; piling up more elements give you the size of the old holder. The handles and the edges are typical of Moak. Rotating them against each other, they remind of the old bowls used in the Greek period, which could be used in different ways thanks to the inverted grips. In the Legami dish, they also become an opportunity to make the use of the handles ironic and versatile, as they are elements of reference and identity of the brand. Moreover, the item is available in three different sizes and can be used in different ways: as serving dish, fruit plate, tray or centrepiece. While its stackability encourages one’s creativeness and allows to use the available space on the table accordingly.

“What struck me about my first meeting with the for[me]moak team – Andrea Branciforti mentions – were the words and arguments we gave free rein to: our region, the culture, old memories, scents and colours of a common world that changed, while we were just having child memories of it. And what’s more: the wish to create items that would express tradition and innovation at the same time, values that belong to Moak’s philosophy and that I, being a designer, always put in my works. Therefore, the choice of the name was spontaneous”.

The new Legami collection by for[me]moak is available on the online store as well as in the for[me]moak retail stores.