Moak at the International Convention of Frankfurt

Moak was sponsor of the International convention “What remains of food. About the political use of foodstuffs”, during the Week of Italian Cuisine in the world held in Frankfurt on November 18th. The Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures J. W. Goethe in Frankfurt on the Main and the Accademia Italiana della Cucina (Delegation Frankfurt) promoted the event in cooperation with the Italian General Consulate of Frankfurt and the Italian Cultural Institute of Cologne. The meeting included important topics, such as quality, sustainability, culture, food security, right to food, education, identity, territory, and biodiversity. The Week of Italian cuisine in the World is a yearly event about Italian food tradition abroad and wants to get across the excellence of quality levels. Cooking is one of the fundamentals of Italian identity and culture, as well as one of the distinguishing features of the Italian Brand. As main sponsor – having recently inaugurated its filial in Germany – Moak was asked to represent Italian excellences, as sole Italian coffee roasting company, careful towards quality and sustainability. Famous names of the academic world and food experts attended the convention: Emanuele Gatti of Danube University Krems, Massimo Montanari of the University of Bologna, one of the world leading experts of food history, Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli, expert in Medieval history and City history, and Christine Ott of the Goethe University in Frankfurt. The convention was organized with the support of the Italian General Consulate in Frankfurt on the Main and finished with a dinner prepared with anti-waste recipes. During dinner, guests could taste the Moak blends.