Winners of Fuori Fuoco Moak 2016

The winners of the third edition of Fuori Fuoco, international photography contest promoted by Caffè Moak, also wanted to talk about actual topics with their small photo features consisting of three pictures: the value of affection and memories passed on by different generations or the wish to rediscover irony and lightness of youth. First price went to Salvo Alibrio, who was able to put together the atmospheres of a lost memory in his triptyque “Il caffè del carbonaio” (Coffee of the coalman), with the ability to provide a narrative summary with regards to a story that is full of human quantity.

Second prize went to the work “Generazioni” (Generations) by Maurizio Cacioppo. Three snapshots in which the author re-established a feeling of compassion and where the chronological flow of the “story” becomes element of a possible continuity of affections and memories.

The topic immortalized by Lorenzo Sammito in his three landscape snapshots of “Telefono magico” (Magic phone) is lighter and more frivolous. He ranked third, and the motivation was that “he created a photographic triptyque with a successful graphic and compositive combination. He built images that are rich of light and fresh irony. He told a funny story with basic elements and was able to rediscover the symbolic value of an old game through a direct and immediately recognisable narration.”

Winners were proclaimed by the panel of judges presided over by Denis Curti, director of the monthly magazine Il Fotografo and art director of the Casa di Tre Oci in Venice. He was assisted by Cinzia Ferrara, president of Aiap (Italian Association Design of Visual Communication), Tony Gentile, photographer of the Reuters agency, Renata Ferri, photo editor of the monthly publications of the RCS group, and Marco Lentini, person in charge of the visual communication of Moak.

“Compared to the previous edition – said Annalisa Spadola – the number of participants has grown, and many of them were professional photographers on a national scale. However, what makes the contest more and more significant is the emotional engagement the authors expressed in their works by putting in a hint of heart, which may be inevitable for those who express themselves through art”.