Coffee and healthy surroundings

Fall is approaching, and as much as it can give us the impression of being a season without any food resources, nature surprises us with rich first fruits and late summer vegetables to taste at the table with friends and relatives. In this fall period baked preparations are favourable, so not to stress the organism after overindulgence of the hot season. Driving force of the dish we are going to present is a typical October ingredients: pumpkin, which creates a delicious union of flavours when worthily combined with wild Porcini mushrooms. A sprinkle of coffee intensely enriches the whole, as if you wanted to remember the scent of earth and rain in leafless woods.

Pumpkin and coffee powder patties

Ingredients for 4 people

For the patty: 100 g round-grain rice, 200 g vegetable broth, 100 g pumpkin, 1/2 red onion of Tropea, 15 g Nero d’Avola wine, salt to taste, black pepper, thyme, breadcrumbs;

for the stuffing: 200 g aubergines, 50 g sesame, 2 g lemon juice, salt to taste, oil;

for the cream: 100 g Porcini mushrooms, 15 g white wine, 1 garlic clove, thyme, salt, oil, water to taste, Moak coffee powder;

Procedureslice the onion thinly, brown over a medium heat by stirring continuously until it softens, add rice and roast it for some minute, simmer with wine until reduced, add vegetable broth and leave to cook until the rice is well done and dry. At this stage spread out on a plate and leave it to cool. Cut the pumpkin into big pieces and bake them for 20 minutes at a temperature of 185 degrees. Once rice and pumpkin are cold, blend them and add salt, oil, thyme and black pepper. Peel and dice the aubergine. Put them into a colander and dust with salt. Leave to rest for half an hour. Then wash the dices and spice them with oil. Put in a well-heated oven until cooked. Blend the sesame in a mixer and add aubergine dices, lemon juice, salt and oil. Put a drizzle of oil and the garlic clove in a saucepan, leave over a medium heat, add sliced Porcini mushrooms and stir, simmer with wine until reduced. Turn off the flame and add thyme. Blend in a mixer by adding powder coffee and water, until you get a creamy compound. Take the mixture of pumpkin and rice – cold by now – spread out on a hand and form a cup where to put the stuffing made of aubergines with sesame, then close with additional rice and pumpkin. Once the patties are ready, roll them in breadcrumbs and bake them at 200 degrees. When this is done, put the mushroom cream and patties onto a plate and decorate with a sprinkle of Aromatik coffee.

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