Coffee between sweet and salty – Alessandro Varenna

Chef Alessandro Varenna is also from Lombardy. Passion, accuracy and crea- tiveness are his main cooking features. He has always been careful to food intolerance and healthy eating, and in 2015, he became “foraging chef” and expert of foraging, science that studies the possibility to nourish oneself with plants, herbs and wild edibles in general. Over the years, he cooperated with im- portant chefs, from Gualtiero Marchesi to Guy Lassausaie. Since 2010, after having travelled around the world next to im- portant patrons, he’s chef at “I Cucinieri” excellent banqueting in the Brianza area. Enchanted by our coffee, he dedicates us a Sicilian dish and title.


Sicilian Ferment


1 trout fillet “fario”, 100 g Moak coffee infusion, 1 fermented fennel, 1 fermented orange, 50 g Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.


Clean, bone and square the trout fillet, then marinate it into the coffee infusion for about 15 minutes. Roast the coffee beans used for the infusion and put them into a plastic bag suitable for sous-vide cooking. Take the fish from its infusion and dry it. Sealit with the coffee beans in the plastic bag. Leave the bag in the oven at 63° for about 7 minutes. Blend the orange with extra virgin olive oil until you obtain a smooth cream. Cut fennel into small cubes, place it on the plate and put the trout on it. Flavour with orange cream and coffee crumbs.