Coffee between sweet and salty – Theo Penati

The need to be well in order to be efficient in life and at work goes through healthy food, which doesn’t mean less tasty and satisfying”.

Word of Theo Penati, starred chef of the famous “Ris- torante Pierino Penati” in Viganò Brianza (Lecco). Brilliant and innovative, since 2009 he dedicates himself to the fami- ly-run restaurant creating many projects connected to food after his experience between London and Tokyo: “One Off” – a new food service format dedicated to young targets –,”Verde” (Green) – an important eco-friendly food developing project. Today, he also is member of the scientific Assic committee (Association of nutritional safety in the kitchen) and to us, he suggests a tegolino (small sponge cake) with coffee and cream.

Tegolino mania


For the biscuit: 128g egg white, 57g sugar, 80g butter, 34g hazelnut paste, 143g chocolate, 171g yolk, 71g whole eggs, 43 Maldon sugar, 10g honey, 45g petra 5 flour, 114g almond flour; for the ganache: 250g guanaja chocolate, 320g cream, 20g honey, 30g instant coffee; for the mamelaka (dark cream): 15g gelatine, 200g milk, 10g glucose, 450g cream, 340g Opalys chocolate.


  1. for the biscuit: beat egg whites with sugar, beat eggs and yolks with honey and sugar. Mix beaten egg whites alter- nating processed butter and hazelnut paste. Mix chocolate and flours. Roll out on a baking tray and bake at 210°.

  2. for the ganache: melt honey in the cream and add coffee, then pour the hot mixture onto the chocolate and whisk energetically. Leave to crystallize in the fridge. 

  3. for the namelaka: warm up milk and cream with glucose. Pour on chocolate, add soaked gelatine, and mix. Leave to crystallize in the fridge. Whip in the kneader with a whisk.