Carrefour chooses Moak for Italian coffee bars

The Carrefour group – first distributor in Europe and second worldwide – chooses Caffè Moak to inaugurate the new Gourmet format in Italy: an itinerary of worlds, in order to offer an engaging buying experience where selected products and services are of highest quality. The French chain, in fact, included a coffee bar with “Bar Carrefour” signs for the first time in its stores, going along with consumers’ wishes. The first supermarket that welcomed Aromatic and Bio Fair Plus – Moak’s top blend range – was the store in Viale Bezzi in Milan. A surface of 3,200 sq m dedicated to food lovers and those who pay attention to healthy and organic food. Then it was Bologna’s turn, with the Express sign, and of the store in Turino Turati, where the brand is present in the “Allways” Coffee Corner, a corner where clients are able to prepare their Moak espresso as well as tradi- tional drinks made with coffee themselves, by choosing among the different suggested recipes on site, or by personalising them with crustas and toppings of different flavours.

“The choice to include Moak in coffee shops within Carrefour, Express and Gourmet supermarkets – explains Emmanuela Alesiani, responsible of Innovation and Development, Carrefour Italy – was set by many factors: first of all, we were searching for a partner and not just for a standard supplier. Moreover, the Moak company is not present in the GDO channel, unlike other brands, and repre- sents the expression of a good Made in Italy product. The new format of our group aims at selecting only premium quality products, and with the 100% Arabica Aromatic blend and the Bio Fair Plus line, coffee boasting organic and Fairtrade certification, Moak is able to offer our clients a new coffee experience, including rites and expectations, excellence and origins to narrate and taste. Such partnership will allow us to develop unique and distin- guished projects in the retail channel”.

For real lovers and enthusiasts of speciality coffees, Moak also includes – besides the blends of the “special project” line – two pre- cious, freshly ground single origins “à la carte” to taste at home. Among scents and aromas, visitors will be able to choose between Supremo GS, Columbian coffee, and Pacamara, one of the best Arabica varieties of the region of El Salvador.

“The partnership with Carrefour – states Annalisa Spadola, Caffè Moak Marketing Director – came after several meetings, while unity of purpose and will to create innovative projects based on common denominators emerged from the outset: innovation, quality and culture of healthy living. Unlike other groups of the retail sector, Carrefour actually managed to be the forerunner of new trends, positioning itself on a high market sector in terms of quality and product selection. The new Gourmet format, where the first coffee shop serving our top blends was inaugurat- ed, is a striking example: a real reign of food lovers. New openings in other Italian cities have been already planned for the year 2017. We worked a lot towards this project and it will allow us to approach end consumers even more, besides increasing our brand’s market presence in Italy”.

*The Carrefour Groups works with 1,078 stores in Italy. Present in 18 Italian regions with more than 20,000 co-operators, its main strong points are innovation, convenience, services and enhancement of food and wine excellences all over Italy, including 3,000 own brand products in each relevant product market.