Hook up with Lampie-on

This new lantern, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, is exactly what you need when there’s something to celebrate! The red hook turns Lampie-on into the captain of lamps, completely free of uninvited wires, so it is possible to hang it and hook up. Lampie-on is also available in a deluxe variety. This one comes with shiny cop- per-coloured details and three fairylike sleeves to set off your 1001-nights setting.

Let’s get physical

Lampie-on needs a physical movement to influence the light. So think twice before you try to ‘Push the Button’. To get light, it’s better to slowly slide. Just like they did it in the past with the ancient oil lamp. When your Lampie-on is out of juice, just place it on charging and start refue- ling! Its shape refers to the Arabic lantern and brings a magical and warm feeling to even the darkest spots.

Nice to know

Lampie-on has an energy saving led, that results in a warm & white light. The mate- rial, polypropylene, is the same material that is used for the famous Edison the Petit.