Moak aims for education and opens new training places in Italy

New locations of the Moak People Training school dedicated to barmen. Being always committed to spreading the culture of quality coffee, Caffè Moak launched a programme to expand the training net in those areas of Italy where the Moak brand is present and where it is distributed. The first location was inaugurat- ed in April in Lauria (PZ), Basilicata, while in May Moak People Training arrived to Apulia, in Cisternino, province of Brindisi and in Latina, province of Latium. On the occasion of these new opening, the two places offer 3 open days including SCAE and WFA courses held by MPT trainers. Furthermore, new locations will be launched in Sicily in 2016 besides Modica and Trapani – and we will then reach the northern regions on Italy, starting with MPT in Milan. Qualified Moak People Training trainers will instruct aspiring barmen and professionals of the sector: Marco Poidomani, SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) AST trainer, dealing with courses of cafés, profession barman, latte art and SCAE. He is joined by Giovanni Peligra, trainer and official examiner for WFA (World Flair Association) who teaches the American technique of bartending, the art of preparing cocktails.

“The aim of the school and of Moak explains Marco Poidomani, MPT responsible is to divulge and promote the culture of quality coffee, train our customers on how to enhance our blends. Consumers nowadays recognise products and excellent service. We realize more and more that coffee shop managers need companies that are “close”, that are able to support rather than just being suppliers. This is why our task is to improve professionalism behind the counter, providing also proper guidance on how to run one’s business at best and without wastes”.