Moak becomes more and more “green”

Moak invests in renewable energy in support of a green economy. A choice that once again proves how the company is careful towards the environmental protection and the topic of sustainability. The photovoltaic system, including 1620 modules, covers the whole plant, occupying a surface of about 2650 sq m and being able to produce about 530,000 kWh each year. The produced energy is absolutely clean, given that you obtain it in a simple way through physical conversion. There’s no combustion and no chemical reaction. Hence total lack of polluting emissions. It’s good to know that on average the equivalent of 2,56 kWh in form of fossil fuels are burnt in order to produce one kilowatt hour, and as a consequence 0,53 kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide) are emitted into the air – a gas that involves serious environmental damages, if overproduced. Thanks to the photovoltaic system, Moak avoids emissions into the air of about 280.900 kg CO2 in a year, contributing not to polluting and to a greener future.

Why it’s worthwhile, or better, why it’s necessary to invest in renewable energy? We asked Vincenzo Pisacane, owner of the Pisacane Impianti Tecnologici company, provider of Enel Green Power, who planned and designed the photovoltaic system for Moak.

Why does a company decide to invest in renewable Energy?

The production of electric Energy coming from solar panels has been increasingly growing for several years, because the need of producing so-called “clean” energy becomes more and more important and urgent. Installing a photovoltaic system today makes you become (small or big) producers of electric energy from renewable sources, obtaining a substantial energetic independence and actively contributing to a healthier and cleaner world.

What are the advantages of solar panels in economic terms?

A photovoltaic system is a real investment with advantages in economic, environmental and architectural terms. First of all, there is a saving on the electrical bill, cutting down expenses for at least 25 years, nearly zeroing it. It makes you sell energy: a photovoltaic system is not always installed to consume the produced energy. Another economic advantage is the reduction of maintenance costs: solar panels don’t include mechanical elements, since they work through a natural process and therefore don’t need any interventions.

How is energy produced?

The photovoltaic system allows generating electric energy directly from radiation from the sun. The photovoltaic cells connected to each other form a photovoltaic module that is able to turn sunlight directly into electric energy.

How can companies and the government incentivize even small businessmen to follow such path?

The run to installations stopped, but small Italian consumers can still gain some advantages. A photovoltaic system without energy meter is more convenient; installing solar panels still is an excellent investment, above all if you choose to benefit from the tax deductions of 50% ( First of all, an awareness campaign needs to be encouraged, so to avoid wastes and reduce consumption of electric energy. Companies deciding to invest in renewable energy can immediately take advantage of the benefits resulting from it: waste abatement and behaviour based on lesser energetic consumption leading to reduction of energetic costs. That way, it’s possible to use or reinvest the obtained savings, generating new incentives for the economy.


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