Wall books. A story to “hang”

We had many encounters. In many of those, often by change and not planned, we found ourselves speaking of something else, with people – from young to those who carry experience with them – that had nothing to do with the world of coffee most of the times. Instead, between a word and a sip of coffee we find out that we have common interests and passions. Empathy. You cannot define it differently. These encounters then made partnerships arise, connections that are still giving life to ideas and projects. One of these is the one between Moak and VerbaVolant, Sicilian publishing house.

The wall book “White Flowers, coffee berries” is born from that “conversation”; written by Pia Parlato, journalist and blogger, and designed by Angelo Ruta, illustrator and editorial graphic designer. The unpublished works of the book series “Wall books” are illustrated albums and copyright posters at the same time, printed on typography paper 100×70 cm. You can read the story and discover the last table by opening the pages out: a poster to frame and hang on the wall.

An original and brave editorial idea as for its form, described as “Munarian”, merging with a poetical story telling about what comes before a coffee in cup. The heart breaking story involves all senses: by touching the pleasant ruggedness of the Favini Crush paper (made with coffee grounds), you can almost smell the scent of African plantation flowers and imagine the lush colours of berries and beans. The last table emanates the scent and aroma of a cup of Moak coffee, where memory reverberates. “The Wall Books collection says Fausta di Falco, VerbaVolant publisher – arises from the wish to combine design, illustration and words using also an eco-friendly paper. The meeting with Moak was genuine without any stretch: Sicilian company, very careful to design and quality of its own products.”


What comes before an aromatic and reinvigorating cup of coffee? There’s the most colourful, scented and lively world: plantations, lush and populated by hard-working harvesters living between plants boasting very scented white flowers and red berries. “White flowers, coffee berries” tells about this fascinating world and about the story of two sisters that are fully integrated within the village life set up around coffee plantations.

Life and its unforeseen bends will lead them to cultivate each other’s memory, while the element, which has always kept them together beyond love, fatally helps them: coffee.

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