What a pity throwing away coffee grounds

Nothing is thrown away of coffee. For many people, coffee grounds are scrap to bin in wet waste, but there are several ways to reuse them and turn them into excellent remedies at home, in the garden or in cosmetics. All in a natural and quick way, and for free. We are going to suggest some, but with a dash of imagination and creativeness you will be able to gain thousand other ways. 

In the garden

compost: coffee grounds are rich of magnesium, calcium and potassium, release nitrogen in the soil and make it slightly acidic; these are all features included in many gardening products that allow fertilizing and composting the land. Just add some in pots with flowers.

repellent: thanks to its acidic smell and the dusty consistency, it will expel ants; just spread them on the passage points. Drying it off, it also is ideal to expel fleas and snails. Unlike other available medicines, it does no harm to mankind, given that it doesn’t contain chemicals.

At home

anti-odourput a small amount of coffee grounds in a small open box, adding some drops of essential oil with aromatic herbs, if you wish, in order to eliminate bad smell from the fridge. The same property is used to eliminate the smell of onion or fish from hands; just scrub them with coffee grounds and wash them. Moreover, you can create small bags with voile used for confectionery, where to put some coffee grounds together with some essences and use them as anti-odorant for drawers, shoe racks and, why not, in the car.

Polish and detergent: to eliminate the mineral patina from pots and glasses and polish them, you can buff them with coffee grounds. Also ideal to clean the draining pipe of the sink, crumbling it and making it flow away with water.

pincushion and paper holder: if you love do-it-yourself things, you can indulge yourself in making pincushions. Let the coffee grounds dry off and use them for padding, maybe also using cloth remnants. You could use the same item also as paper holder, gluing some coffee beans on the fabric as decoration.



anti-cellulite and scrub: mix coffee grounds, cane sugar and some coconut oil. Massaging the preparation with swirling movements on the interested areas will give an anti-cellulite effect and a perfect body scrub.

for hair: scrub coffee grounds after shampooing to vitalize the colour of chestnut brown hair. 

for the face: if you want to have a natural mask, just mix 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 of cocoa powder, 2 of milk or yoghurt, 1 of honey or malt. Put in on the wet skin and make it have an effect in it for about 20 minutes before rinsing out.


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