Coffee and surroundings

“Coffee and side dishes” is the new The Sign Moak section that will tickle your fancy and disclose how coffee can be combined with innumerable foodstuffs, from citrus fruits to fish and pasta. Chef Carmelo Chiaramonte will accompany us through this trip full of surprises foe eyes and palate. Culinary scenographer, television writer for Gambero Rosso Channel, he also published a book “A tutto tonno” (word play of a tutto tondo = all around, and tonno= tuna). He defines himself “ramble cook”, though with a strong sense of identity towards his region, Sicily, rich of history and sayings he loves to recall in his cooking.

Durum wheat Fusilli, green and black coffee

Pure taste is a matter of movements, it does not arrive into our homes without a reason. Not even or by simply going to an excellent gastronomy shop can help to complete the varied and complex outline of flavours. A good habit is to follow sources of things and you would just need to visit coffee roasting plants to be acquainted with certain coffee shades. Huge homes that smell like thousand bars put together, steamy nectar of roasted coffee everywhere. Only a few push themselves to try the green coffee beans, pure nitty-gritty seeds: delicate and curious taste of the red coffee cherries. Let’s try it fresh-ground matched with the roasted one, in order to taste all shades from raw to taste of ember.

How to prepare it

It is very important to get oneself pasta from handmade factories, since the recipe only includes few flavours and each of these has to be strong. Once the fusilli have been cooked in salted water, put them on a plate: a sprinkle of green coffee on one side, of dark coffee on the other side. Some drops of olive oil, basil, freshly chopped chives and grated cacio cheese. This light and strong dish is well combined with a glass of wheat beer or a cup of steaming green tea.

Doses and ingredients for 4 people:

  • 300 g durum wheat fusilli
  • 40 g raw coffee powder
  • 40 g roasted coffee powder
  • 90 g cow’s milk half-seasoned cacio cheese
  • 1 tuft of chives
  • 8 leaves of fresh basil
  • 2 tablespoons of scented olive oil


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