Coffee meets barley, ginseng and guaranà.

Moak’s aim is to offer an increasingly wide range of high quality products, managing to successfully meet the need of more and more people. With an eye on quality, taste and health. Thus, Moak appeals to three products and ingredients featuring high benefit aspects: Barley, Ginseng and Guaranà. They can be seen as alternative options to coffee, which can be tasted several times a day and are ready to give an instant dose of wellbeing and energy. The Moak instant coffee line enriches the offer on products, allowing a wide range and a solution for any time of the day.

Barley The barley blend, oldest grain in the world, is available in 250 g packages and in handy pads, which hold all of its healthy features; indeed, barley is a very useful substance to guarantee the wellbeing of an organism. Highly digestible and rich in silicon and phosphor, it represents a support for the nervous system and for those who practice intellectual activities.

Ginseng For a revitalizing charge and for restorative features, Ginseng coffee is the right choice, recommended for the health of the immune defence system. Available in 1 kg packages that can be immediately used, the preparation for drinks with coffee and ginseng taste is suitable both for a manual preparation in cup and for the automatic bar distributor. Out of curiosity: its botanical name is Panax Ginseng and says it all about its features; in fact, the word comes from Greek pan-axos and literally means “which heals everything”.

Guaranà The special trio finishes with the 500 g package of the instant preparation to get a particular drink with taste of coffee and guaranà, a plant considered sacred by the various Amazonian tribes, who used it regularly considering it responsible for vitality and longevity. Indeed, guaranà is known as the “fruto da juventude” in Brazil. It is usually used to solve intestinal problems, headache, circulation problems, since it keeps arteries clean and toned. However, also a slimming function is attributed to it. A drink ready to give us wellbeing and energy each time we want it.

The soluble machine proposed by Moak will be the means that will make the pleasure to sip these three drinks concrete and real. An easy-to-use dispenser of reduced dimensions, easily adaptable even to small spaces. Its basic automatism allows a quick maintenance procedure to be done occasionally, in order to always keep your device in excellent shape.

Advice for the barman:

  • Start cleaning every evening by pressing the specific button 2/3 times
  • Wash the doser accessories once a week
  • Replace the water softener once a month
  • Use purified water


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