Espresso tonic:the long drink that floored coffee lovers

Considering that Italians are proud custodians of the perfect recipe of real espresso, the idea of mixing coffee with tonic water and thus altering its beloved taste and creaminess was a risky experiment, to say the least. Yet still, as it often happens, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. That’s the case of Espresso Tonic, the new long drink English people have been betting on for some months. A homemade experiment that got around the world in short time and is now becoming one of the tastiest drinks, appreciated even by baristas.

A further proof of how coffee is able to find various liaisons and be unexpectedly highlighted. “Espresso tonic – explains Marco Poidomani, Italian Coffee in Good Spirits champion and trainer at Moak People Training – is the evidence of how the coffee shop world is changing: alternative extraction methods and new cocktails made with coffee are added to espresso; there is continuous thirst for experimenting combinations, not only from those who are standing behind the counter, but also from the more and more curious general public following new trends”.

The partnership with Bibite Polara

To launch its espresso tonic on the occasion of Sigep, Moak chose a local partner: Bibite Polara, the Sicilian company of excellence of the beverage sector. “We were at a loss – acknowledged Giuseppe Polara, owner of the beverage industry – but when we tasted the cocktail, we were pleasantly surprised: the citrusy notes of quinine combined with the aromatic features of coffee delighted our palate. A successful idea that can be suggested as a non-alcoholic alternative to classical gin tonic”.

The recipe
It is an easy and quick recipe. The ingredients? Quality instead of quantity. This is why Moak chose Bibite Polara, the Sicilian company of excellence of the beverage sector, as partner to launch its espresso tonic on the occasion of Sigep: a Special Bar espresso (Colonial line) – blend with high percentage of Arabica – 200 ml of “Antica Ricetta Siciliana” Polara tonic water, 1 slice of lime and 5 ice cubes.

Like for every creation, also presentation is important, starting from the right glass and decoration. A tall tumbler is perfect and will enhance the build over ice technique, that is the preparation of the drink directly within a glass full of ice, which allows to create a layer drink and is easy on the eyes as well. As for the decoration, go for lime, some mint leaves and a coffee bean at the bottom of the glass. When’s the best time for it? At any time and for any meal. That’s the advantage of a fresh and thirst-quenching soft drink.

Antica Ricetta Siciliana
The “Acqua Tonica Antica Ricetta Siciliana” (Old Sicilian Recipe Tonic Water) is a fresh and thirst-quenching drink featuring an aromatic and bitter aftertaste due to quinine (a natural extract used as miraculous drug in the past). Tonic water is the base of very many cocktails, but can also be enjoyed pure to satisfy one’s thirst. The elegant glass bottle and the vintage-style label give a particular retro look, recalling the recipes the company started with in the early fifties.

Bibite Polara
Bibite Polara, historical company of the beverage sector, is synonym of Sicily worldwide. It has been producing traditional beverages for over 60 years, including orange soda made with blood oranges, lemonade, chinotto, tonic, spuma, and other drinks that are dedicated to the region. Bibite Polara manages to combine production innovation with research and use of excellent raw materials, such as PGI and PDO extracts and fruit juices. Polara also features the line “Le Selezioni” (Selections) using natural ingredients, citrus juices and natural extracts, as well as the line “Chioschì“ (Kiosks), based on the flavours and scents of typical Sicilian kiosks, which was recently restyled including PGI lemons from Syracuse, PDO oranges from Ribera and Sicilian PGI blood oranges.