Fuori Fuoco: finalists of the sixth edition were announced.

Denis Curti’s jury will reveal the winner’s spots during the prize-giving evening held on Saturday, October 5th.

The event promoted by Moak, during which the best talents of Fuori Fuoco 2019 will be announced, is approaching. The panel of judges presided over by Denis Curti decided upon the three finalists, who will compete for the top step of the podium during the prize-giving evening on Saturday, October 5th.

Here are the three best works telling a story about coffee in three snapshots:

La storia di un caffè, in un caffè… (A coffee story within a coffee…)

With this photo sequence, the author describes the three most common stages of the evolution of a coffee in its cup.

By Mario Scrimieri
Born in Galatina (Lecce) in 1990. He is a goldsmith and developed a passion for photography thanks to his job, where he tried to reproduce, with a snapshot, the brilliance and glossiness of the jewels he makes. Then, he tried his hand at photographing something else: macro, landscapes and still life are the kind of genres he prefers.


RI_nascita (RE_birth)

This author reinterprets coffee in its three stages (bean, ground coffee, drink), connecting them to three steps leasing to RE_birth: sensuality (picture 1), gestation (picture 2), new live, daybreak (picture 3).

By Cristina Fontana 
Photographer from Verona, born in 1974. She graduated in psychology; since 200, she’s been working on a research project in the field of fine art macro photography. The forms she takes pictures of start from daily-life elements chosen by criteria of “interesting randomness”, and then refer to other, more metaphorical realities. In 2013, she took part in the EISA Maestro 2013 Marco & Close-Up contest and ranked first at national level.

Tostatura 120 BPM (Roasting 120 BPM) 


The consumption of coffee, its addiction, the fact that subjects at “risk” continuously drown themselves in it, is deep-seated in our culture as well as in our head. Through the photographic medium, with this project, the author analyses himself and how the effect of coffee act upon his mind. Everything is reduced into three high points: preparation – consumption – explosion.

By Samuele Pepe
Student at the Academy of fine arts in Rome, aged 23, from Zagarolo (Rome). He’s beed dedicating himself to photography and painting as an autodidact. He went from street photography to photojournalism, dealing also with personal outdoor projects, taking inspiration from Dadaism and surrealism.