How to prepare homemade rice milk.

Basmati rice based vegetable milk and oak flakes with a spot of coffee. 

Rice milk is a tasty alternative to cow’s milk, just like soya and almond milk. It is palatable and light, ideal even for those who are intolerant to dairy products or opted for a diet free from animal derived products. If you have a few minutes, we suggest you to prepare it at home following the recipe of Roberta Tribastone. It’s really quick and easy, and the spot of coffee makes it even tastier and energy-boosting.


– 50 g basmati rice
– 10 g oak flakes
– 500 ml water
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 1 pinch of salt
– espresso coffee to taste
– rice malt or cane sugar to taste


Leave the basmati rice and oat flakes to soak for seven hours. Pour rice, oat flakes, water and cinnamon stick into a high-sided saucepan (pictures 1 and 2). Cook until the cereals are so soft that they can be crushed with a fork.

Then remove the cinnamon stick and whisk with the help of a hand blender (picture 3). Filter the liquid with a fine mesh sieve (picture 4).

What we get is a dense milk, which we will pour into a glass (picture 5). If you wish the drink to be a little less thick, just double the amount of water. Hence, sweeten to taste by adding cane sugar, rice malt or honey. Finally, add a splash of espresso coffee to the milk (picture 6).

If you do not drink it fresh, you may store it in a hermetically sealed glass bottle in the fridge for about two or three days. If you prefer, you can heat it up in a small saucepan before drinking it.

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