Quick and easy lunch recipe for the office or university.

Orecchiette salad with potatoes, green beans, ricotta quenelle and coffee powder. Ideal for a lunch to go.

Green beans are still in season in the next few weeks. The orecchiette salad with potatoes and green beans prepared by Roberta Tribastone is a handy dish to be taken to work or university. It is also ideal to be prepared the night before. A vegetarian recipe rich in fibre, minerals and vitamin A. Put it in your lunch boxto celebrate your lunch break, avoiding the usual sandwiches. Even coffee is in, which will offer you taste and energy, acting as a booster before going back to work!

Ingredients for one person:
– 80 g fresh orecchiette
– 20 g potato
– 20 g green beans
– 20 g date tomatoes
– 25 g ricotta from cow’s milk
– 1 crusco bell pepper
caffèMoak coffee powder to taste
– parsley to taste
– 5 g almond flour


Dice the potatoes, clean the green beans and put the vegetables into a pan filled with hot salted water (picture 1). Add orecchiette into the same pan after a couple of minutes. Once cooked, drain it and leave to cool in a bowl (picture 2).

Fry the crusco bell pepper in boiling extra virgin olive oil. Then place onto some absorbent kitchen paper and crumble up with your hands (pictures 3-4).

Add the crusco bell pepper pieces to the ricotta until the two ingredients are well mixed (picture 5). Cut the date tomatoes and add them to the potato and green bean pasta mix. Season with salt, oil and minced parsley to pleasure (picture 6).

Pour the pasta onto a dinner plate or into your lunch box (picture 7), add the ricotta quenelle and finish the dish with almonds and coffee powder (picture 8).

Watch the preparation