Going out for lunch is becoming a trend, with more and more “lunch break” places.

Olivia Natural Bistrot

More and more people decide to go out for lunch. An increasing number of places offer quick lunch break menus, which are at the same time connected to the local area.

Due to the new lifestyles triggered by a more and more hectic everyday routine and the limited time to spare, the traditional Italian habit of having lunch at home has been strongly affected. Hence, the so-called “race against time” has led to the spread of quick “lunch breaks” close to one’s workplace. For this reason, besides traditional bars and restaurants offering lunch, new formats are gaining in popularity. Refreshments served in a coffee bar are being replaced by a quick menu, including local dishes, service and quality. The aim? Combining the dynamism of a coffee shop or a fast food restaurant with the comfort of a restaurant. However, be careful not to underestimate the needs of an increasingly demanding and attentive clientele that, despite the frenzied lifestyle, does not want to give up moments of pleasure.
Therefore, if you wish to set up a new business (which is not just the same old coffee bar), here are some ideas that will help you in the preliminary stage and in the management of the bureaucratic and economic part.

Olivia Natural Bistrot

The supply industry – explains accountant and business economist Simona Giliberto – has gone through quite a few changes over the years. In fact, if you wanted to open a coffee shop in the past, you needed a license and a permit issued by the competent authorities, which guaranteed the respect for competition rules and regulated business openings, as for number and distance. Nowadays, there are no such restrictions anymore. Indeed, since 2010, municipalities can no longer decide how many cafés and restaurants are allowed to be open in their area (except for the historical centres of the most significant art cities).

How to start a new business

The only requirements to start a business – continues Simona Giliberto – are connected to morals and professionalism (having proper qualifications and previous experience in the field). Once those individual requirements have been verified, the compliance with the hygienic-sanitary requirements and the adequacy of the premises must be assessed. Once all results are ascertained, one can proceed with the bureaucratic procedures related to the business start-up. It includes getting a VAT number, a company establishment, signing and registering a rental contract, registering the business with the local Chamber of Commerce, registering with the INPS (National Social Security Institute) and Inail (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work and occupational disease.) as well as the Commencement Notice/Declaration for commencement of a business.

An effective communication on social media and the digital world plays a key role in the start-up and positive outcome of a business. In conclusion, a toll one should not underestimate is the search of funding options, which will allow the project to develop. Facilitated financing, for instance, is a range of funding options made available to entrepreneurs by the government, in order to support their business activities. One of these is the so-called Resto al Sud announcement (“I stay in the South”), addressed to entrepreneurs in southern Italy. The incentive allows to get up to 50,000.00 euros for everyone no older than 45 years. 35% of the money is non-repayable, while 65% is seen as a bank loan to be given back interest free within eight years. “Resto al Sud” is only one of the incentives one can make use of, in order to make one’s dream come true while staying home.

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