Leftover cuisine: children together with star chefs to respect the value of food.

Bringing back to life the healthy habits of our mothers and grandmothers. Chef Cuttaia deals in small chefs and teaches them how to avoid food waste.

They observe their teaching chefs with curiosity, esteem and admiration. They ask a lot of very relevant questions and put themselves on the line with enthusiasm and passion. These are the distinguishing features of the children who took part in the workshop “La cucina degli avanzi. Piccoli chef per grandi piatti” (Leftover cuisine. Small chefs and great dishes”), organized at the Palacongressi of Agrigento on March 8th.


Central idea was the enhancement of ingredients that otherwise would have been wasted: from stale bread to vegetable broth, from pasta of the day before to other ingredients that with some imagination can still be useful in the kitchen in order to prepare tasty and original recipes. Unfortunately, the concept of left-overs is not always seen as positive in our heads. This is why it should actually be called salvaged rather than left-over food. Just think about how tasty oven-baked pasta was when fried the day after? Or sliced bread soaked in beaten eggs? Or also bread balls or savoury pies made from what was left in the fridge? Bringing back to life the healthy habits of our mothers and grandmothers and making them contemporarywould allow us to eat healthy, help the environment and keep our identity alive.

The initiative was part of the ludic-didactic activities of the 74thAlmond Blossom Festival. It was set and organized by the Association Le Soste di Ulisse(Moakis partner of), presided over by the two-star Michelin chef Pino Cuttaiaof the restaurant La Madia in Licata. Michelin-star chef Tony Lo Cocoof the restaurant I Pupi in Bagheria, chef Gaetano Basiricòof the restaurant Serisso 47 in Trapani and Michelin-star chef Giuseppe Costaof the restaurant Il Bavaglino in Terrasini accompanied Cuttaia on this adventure.